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Te Varua 'Ori teaches all aspiring and experienced male and female dancers starting at the young age of 5.  Whether a dancer is simply looking for a new hobby and exercise or looking to join the company and strive for advancement, we cater to all! Motivation, positive reinforcement, self-esteem and confidence building, teamwork, respect for one another and respect for the Tahitian culture and all it’s art forms, is what Te Varua 'Ori is all about!

‘Ia ora na ‘oe!


We are Te Varua 'Ori [The Spirit of Dance]! We take pride in our passion for the Tahitian Culture and the love we have for one another in our TVO family!

Angela Liava’a co-founded Te Varua 'Ori in 2006. With her 20+ years of experience, she has led her team to several 1st and 2nd place awards in group competitions throughout the region, several award-winning soloists, overall soloists and performs internationally on the beautiful island of Tahiti!

Te Varua 'Ori has produced several sold out performances at their home theater, Downey Theatre. The Te Varua 'Ori family anticipates this performance every year along with an annual showcase to show off the progress and growth of each Te Varua 'Ori dancer.

We invite you to browse our website, check out our YouTube promos and look us up on Yelp! Māuruuru roa!


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